A Special Day

For Your Beloved

The most important day of your child has arrived!

The protagonists of this day are the children, and your joy to share with your loved ones. But it is also a cause for us, to achieve the best way to create a reception as it deserves our little friends.

Colorful balloons and color schemes that will decorate the space as well as the ability to employ children from animateur will form the right setting for a dreamy baptism.

Of course we could not omit our menus, as we have formed them through our years of experience in the dining area as well as the suggestions of our professional chef, we guarantee you a perfect seated dinner. Our dedicated service and our trained staff will always be willing to serve your every need.

For dreamy christenings  and unique children’s parties, the best option is Oasis Restaurant Romanesc!

Possibility of childern’s meals

As this day is for the kids, we also want to provide them with the right meal.

noodles-kids meal






Ιf you do not know what to choose or want a specialist’s advice to make it all perfect, we’re here to help you.



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